The origin of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Regla comes from a fortress of the Ponce de León family.

The monastery is thought to be an old castle because of the square-shaped tower with battlements.

In 1399, Pedro de León donated it to the hermit monks of San Agustín, who stayed there until 1835.

Later on, in 1882, it was occupied by the Franciscans, the State then, authorized Padre Lerchundi to set up a missionary school to work in Morocco and The Holy Land. .

The sanctuary is currently occupied by a Franciscans community.

The prestige and extended devotion that the sanctuary enjoys is based on the age of the image of the Virgen de Regla which dates back to the first half of the year 300.

The first procession took place in 1588 and was organized by the Duchess of Medina Sidonia to pray for the success of the Armada, which was led by her husband.

It is worth mentioning the Mudéjar patio from the 16th century, the library, the museum and the image of the Virgin, the patron saint of the town.

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