From ancient times, sea water and seaweeds have been known to have curative properties.

There are references in ancient Egyptian scrolls to the power of climate and the use of clays of the Nile Delta.

The ancient Greeks recommended using hot sea water in baths and in poultices as treatment for different pains.

It was during the Roman Empire when sea water was at its most popular, used in a wide variety of ways and applications, that fell into disuse during the Middle Ages.

During the Renaissance there was a renewed interest in the curative properties of sea water that forms the base of modern thalassotherapy: “a process of relaxation, resting and well-being”

It is totally natural therapy that respects the human body. The treatment uses sea water, seaweed and climate. Sea water is collected more than a thousand meters form the shore and is purified using ultraviolet rays, sterilizing guaranties that it remains free of bacteria, when it is used in therapy.

It is used 36 degrees, that allows salts and minerals contain in the water to be absorbed through the skin better.

These salts are beneficial and necessary for good health and they are often lost during illness, and other complaints and through daily living.

The waters around Chipiona are thankfully high in iodine which has many curative properties known for more than a hundred years.

At the end of the 19th century, many specialists, among those, Doctor Tolosa Latour, looked around Spanish beaches and did a study trying to find suitable sites for the first sanatoriums in Spain.

Regla Beach was preferred due to the quality of its water and air, because of the position of the town and the winds it receives.

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