Some History :

Chipiona , town of the province of Cádiz situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the mouth of the Guadalquivir River, is a true outdoor spa . Nature in Chipiona is so generous that it can provide everything a person need to recover or even heal.

In fact the city can be proud of many cases of healing since ancient times. Is it because the black Virgin of Regla? Is it because of its beaches of healing waters with high iodine content?

Dr Tolosa latour

Chipiona waters are graced by a high iodine content which gives them a healing power known for over a hundred years ago. In the late nineteenth century various medical specialists, including Dr. Tolosa Latour, conducted a study of the Spanish beaches in order to establish the first sanatorium in Spain. The Regla beach was preferred and highlighted by “the quality of its waters and its air and the orientation relative to the wind.” Dr. Tolosa Latour founded there the first Maritime Spanish Sanitarium , Sanitarium Santa Clara in 1897 where many people were treated and cured affected by tuberculosis , rickets and other diseases.

Sanatorio-Pabellón Central001

Since then, doctors in Spain recommend the beaches of Chipiona and thousands of children were and still are treated on its beaches , generating a long list of healing thanks to the seawater, the sunny climate of southern Spain, tempered by the invigorated  air of the  Atlantic . Many stories of healing are known in Chipiona sometimes sudden and ” miraculous ” and not only for bone or skin issues , for all kinds of diseases.

 Chipiona , A Sea of Health :

The town of Chipiona benefits of iodine in the air and in the sea, seaweed excellent for the health  and a unique light (Coast of the light). The sun and light are very important and more necessary for the health. Northern countries have solarium where people go for artificial light in order not to end up totally depressed at the end of the winter. Of course, in Chipiona you can lie in the sun throughout the year … In autumn and winter, you can take advantage of the light and the sun at noon time.

chipiona algas rojas

Simply being outdoors or by sea in Chipiona, you improve your health. Some Spanish people for all over the country and foreigners chose to live in the town for health reasons and some tourists come year after year in Chipiona as they would do a cure in a spa … In September, old people are bathing in the warm waters of the sea full of red algae very rich and usefull for the health.

The benefits of spas and thalassotherapy centers are increasingly requested and recommended throughout Europe. Since ancient times we have knowledge of the use of sea water in healing therapies. It is a completely natural and respectful therapeutic method with the human body, the treatment is based on the use of the marine environment (seawater, algae , climate, etc. ..) .


Hotel keepers and shop keepers are going to support offers, services and products dedicated to health in FITUR-International Fair for Turism in Madrid:

Several health establishments and health professionals are proposing a long list of tr eatments to the visitors

There are several alternatives in Chipiona psychologists, nurses , physical therapists , massage therapists, holistic health center ( Holos), school of yoga, Pilates courses , gyms … therapists who use Chinese medicine , Indian Ayurvedic medicine , natural and holistic medicine, a shop with natural products…

Several therapists from Chipiona or established in Chipiona ( from other parts of Spain or Europe ) are attached with the same desire to offer information, workshops and treatments at a local, national and international public.


ACITUR (local business association) will support this exciting initiative that can bring a health tourism during the winter-spring season , dates more conducive for healing . In fact, FITUR 2014 (most important tourism fair) will bring information and will promote this more known now healing facet of our town. The seed is sown.

Sources: Manuela Gonon ( Therapist ), Juan Luis Naval ( Official Chronicler of the Villa Chipiona) and Chipionaonline 

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