opción_cbn_AChipiona beaches are bathed by the Atlantic Ocean. They are open water and ocean currents renewed by daily and featuring internationally recognized quality and cleanliness. Currently four of its beaches the Blue Flag award for Europe’s seas (To get this award, in addition to voluntary initiatives, must meet the requirements of Quality of bathing water, environmental education and information, environmental management and security services and facilities).

The quality of our water was first recognized by Dr. Tolosa Latour, renowned pediatrician in our area who built the first Spanish Maritime Sanatorium, back in 1897 After traveling for 10 years all the coasts of Spain, Chipiona elected by the mild climate, temperature and water quality, among other factors. In this first Sanatorium, were cured of serious illnesses, hundreds of orphans due in part to the rich iodine and other trace elements containing the  local waters and exceptional climatic and natural conditions, as described above.

Since then, these “healing waters” of Chipiona, are nationally recognized by doctors in Spain who recommend their baths to patients with various diseases, especially those related to the skin and musculoskeletal system. The rate of cure or improvement is high and verifiable by many patient testimonials.

From the Business Association Chipiona (ACITUR) and, together with the City council of Chipiona and other local groups among which are environmental associations CANS and Eriphia, are developing a project to put higher on one side, ecotourism, and on the other, the value of chipioneras beaches and waters, rescuing the tourist origin had Chipiona as natural spa. This project has been called “Chipiona, Natural Spa”.

Therefore, we take from ChipionaOnline, inviting to the public in Spain and around the world to visit us all year and enjoy the “Natural Spa” we have in Chipiona so they can check “in situ” the purity and value of our waters.

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