A walk through an almost desert beach soaking your feet along the shore ?. Walking barefoot is a pleasure and a huge benefit for your feet.

Few hours of sun to awaken the spirit ?. Sunbathing in moderation is beneficial to lift your spirits and your body produces vitamin D.

Do you play any sport? Running, Soccer, shovels, beach volleyball or yoga, pilates, relaxation. Have everything you need for this.

A Walk On Horseback, biking or discover the dune´s fauna and flora. Countless things to do.

Some allergen-free or low calorie healthy tapas? Come and test them in the future network of local healthy food.

Come and enjoy Chipiona all year!. Take advantage of our accommodation offers at this time.

Regla beach aerial view 3

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Some History :

Chipiona , town of the province of Cádiz situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the mouth of the Guadalquivir River, is a true outdoor spa . Nature in Chipiona is so generous that it can provide everything a person need to recover or even heal.

In fact the city can be proud of many cases of healing since ancient times. Is it because the black Virgin of Regla? Is it because of its beaches of healing waters with high iodine content?

Dr Tolosa latour

Chipiona waters are graced by a high iodine content which gives them a healing power known for over a hundred years ago. In the late nineteenth century various medical specialists, including Dr. Tolosa Latour, conducted a study of the Spanish beaches in order to establish the first sanatorium in Spain. The Regla beach was preferred and highlighted by “the quality of its waters and its air and the orientation relative to the wind.” Dr. Tolosa Latour founded there the first Maritime Spanish Sanitarium , Sanitarium Santa Clara in 1897 where many people were treated and cured affected by tuberculosis , rickets and other diseases. + Info

A large variety of fish, seafood, vegetables and fruit, making this part of Andalucía extremely rich in terms of its gastronomy. Fish and seafood such as, gilt-headed sea bream, baby plaice, cuttlefish,, sea urchins, sea anemonies, dog fish, sea bass, clams, white prawns, king prawns, shrimps, sea snails…

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Regla Beach is a good spot to practice water sports.

They can either be practised with west wind or south wind .The best months for the local kite-surfers to “low fly” the water are September, October, May and June.

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The golf course Costa Ballena (Whale Coast) is 5 minutes away from Chipiona by car. It is a flat course with a competitive professional level but also suitable for beginners and players of all levels. Some holes are near the sea and others are strategically situated near lakes and bunkers.
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Chipiona and neighboring populations live their holidays in a very special way. If you want to know come to visit at any time of year:

  • Florasur. International Cut Flower Fair:  February
  • Carnival: February – March
  • Easter Week: March – April
  • Fridays of Flamenco: August

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The saint day of the patron saint of Chipiona, Our Lady of Regla, is celebrated every 8th of September, which also marks in this town, the end of the summer.

It might vary every year but it usually lasts from the 4th to the 8th of September, the day on which Our Lady is taken on a procession around the town. + Info

cartel carnaval Chipiona 2013Carnaval in Chipiona takes place between February and March, it is par excellence “the people´s party”.

Our carnival has always been extremely important in town, and although it officially lasts 10 days, it starts a month before with a variety of activities in the town´s carnival associations (“peñas carnavaleras”) offering everyone, typical products of the area free of charge. + Info

The parish of Nuestra Señora de la O is a 16th century church, although in the18th , it was almost totally rebuilt.

It has got a Renaissance front, with sculptures of gothic remains and one the lateral façade shows a flowery gothic arch. + Info

The Castle stands on a rock on the ravine where the waves break all day long. It possesses a square base and tower, two storeys covered with vaulted ceiling arris vaults and pointed arched windows. According to the Diputación Provincial de Cádiz ( Government of the Province of Cádiz) the castle dates back to the Arab period, according to historical documents, Chipiona was conquered by Fernando III “The Saint” in 1251, and reconquered in 1261 by his son Alfonso X “The Wise”.

It was restored in 1527 and up to 1651 it was full of soldiers to defend and watch the castle due to the constant plundering/sacking by pirates, Moorish, berebers and Turkish, even the famous pirate Redbeard is said to have been here. In the 19th century it was used as a Guardia Civil headquarter. + Info

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